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Driving Change, Transforming Lives!

Transforming narratives, one story at a time. Story Workshop - Where Change Begins!

About Us

We are a local development communication non-governmental organization working in all 28 districts of Malawi. We are SBCC and C4D practitioners, design thinkers, campaign content developers, we are social mobilizers, development Radio and Television material producers, story tellers, documentation experts, good governance advocates and many more. We seek to see a more resilient and democratized Malawian population

What is Story Workshop?

A dynamic social and behavioral change communication organization dedicated to empowering communities. Together, we can create lasting change and positively impact lives.

Our Vision

Fostering a resilient and thriving democratic society in Malawi

Our Mission

Drive positive social change in Malawi through research-based creative media, social mobilization, advocacy, and networking.

Our Motto

Enlightening minds through the power of entertainment-driven education.

Focus Areas

Health & Nutrition





Our Motivated Team

Meet the faces behind the running of the institution

Peter Pangani

Executive Director

Ambele Gogwe Kayuni

Programs Manager

Innocent Stephen Katsache

Projects Officer

Thandeka Lizi

Resources Mobilization Officer