Our Work

Story Workshop Services

SWET programs to its stakeholder can be categorized into the following six.


Campaign Development

Social Media Promotion

Capacity Building

Designing IEC Materials

Production of TV and Radio Programs

Working With Excellence

Our Focus Areas

Health & Nutrition

We work on infectious diseases, nutrition in emergencies and management of acute malnutrition, food security, agriculture and nutrition linkages.


Our energy is towards developing universal access to HIV prevention and decreasing negative effects of HIV/AIDS on families and communities.


We promote habitual utilization of Sanitation facilities at key times and develop hygiene behavior change programs in the communities.


Our work is in local and urban governance towards promoting citizenry rights, improving service delivery and accountability systems.


Our work is to empower local farmer groups for increased produce, aligning them to markets and linking them to service providers


We use behavior change communication to improve education outcomes at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.