Production of TV and Radio Programs

Story Workshop is one of the first communication organizations in Malawi which have been producing Television and Radio programs. We have two state of the art studios at our premises at Sunny Side in Blantyre which are one for radio and the other for Television. We also have a team of TV and Radio presenters, Producers, Engineers, Videographers, and actors some with over 25 years of experience. We have been producing TV and Radio Programs for years which have been aired in local radio and TV stations including the public broadcaster MBC. We have produced documentaries, jingles, short programs, music, poetry and many other media related material at our studios. Watch one of our Television programs on our U-tube page. For radio programs visit our Archive and listen to some of our productions. We are sure, having sampled our productions; you may be interested to hire us to produce the material which you have into tangible television and Radio programs. We are very ready for that, and please Contact Us to find out how we can work together in producing high quality material that will reach the hearts of your target audience.

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