TA Nyaluanga in Nkhatabay has appreciated the use of football and netball trophies in promoting nutrition and WASH in his area.

Speaking during the open day which was organized by Story Workshop with funding from Unicef, the chief said he has seen drastic improvement in number of men participating in nutrition and WASH activities in his area. He cited an increase in number of toilets constructed by the communities, increase in men accompanying their wives to antenatal services and those participating in having back yard gardens in their homes for easy access of vegetables.

“It is good that through the rule that those participating in Chifumira kudzira trophy should have toilets and be able to accompany their wives to ANC, many men were moved to construct toilets because they really wanted to play in this trophy, this has led to increase of toilets constructed in my area. I can challenge you, if you move around the communities, you will see households with all necessary facilities, it was a great idea which has helped more men to take a leading role in promoting nutrion and WASH in their homes”, said TA Nyaluanga.

On the other hand, senior HSA for the area Mercy said as Area nutrition coordinating Committee they had a role of making sure that all those participating in the trophy has all the required facilities in their homes. She said this is what motivated many to have their homes have good toilets with a tippy tap and have the backyard garden for fresh vegetables.

“The rules for the trophy were clear, so as ANCC together with male champions we just made sure that they are followed, no wonder the TA has seen the fruits of the trophy in the area. Each player and officials including coaches of these teams were supposed to have a modern toilet and a hand washing facility at their homes”, said the Senior HSA.

The guidelines for the trophy include: Before the kick off of the game both teams coming from the dressing room will have to wash hands with soap starting with the referee, coaches and the players, during half time, all players, referees and officials will also have to wash hands with soap, after the final whistle, all players, referees and officials will also have to wash hands with soap, when the player scores, he/she will celebrate while heading to the washing facility and wash hands with soap then returns to the playing field and male champions and GVH’s should make sure that all players and officials participating in the trophy have modern toilets and hand washing facilities in their homes.

SWET awarded the winning teams with football and netball jersey and a trophy with funding from Unicef.

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