TFD Training

Story Workshop Educational Trust (SWET) as most people in Malawi can agree, is known with drama. Zimachitika which was introduced in 1997 is one of the oldest radio soap operas in Malawi and no wonder it has won awards several times as the best edutainment radio drama in Malawi. However, not only is the organization known with soap operas like Zimachitika, for most people we work with in the communities Story Workshop is well known with training the communities interactive drama which is inform of Theatre For Development (TFD) and Theatre For Advocacy (TFA). TFD is one of the approaches which SWET uses in reaching the communities. In most times the groups which are introduced when introducing a project are trained interactive drama and they also reach out to their fellow communities using interactive drama. We have experts in TFD and TFA who are well equipped in training others interactive drama which has proved to be a powerful weapon when reaching out to communities together with their duty bearers. It helps to bring solutions to the communities from the policy makers since they are involved in the drama. As such if you wantto train your team in Theatre For Development, Script writing, Acting, and other drama related activities, do not hesitate Contact Us and find out how we can help in building up the TFD team of your organization.

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