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A Communication for Development project addressing stunting in Malawi

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    United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF))
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Project Summary

In partnership with GoM and UNICEF, SWET is integrating Communication for Development (C4D) into an existing multi-sectoral approach to addressing stunting being implemented by various partners in the nine participating districts of Chikwawa, Mulanje, Neno, Mangochi, Ntcheu, Lilongwe, Dowa, NkhataBay and Salima.

SWET is complimenting partners’ efforts through research based creative media in SUN interventions that include nutrition specific interventions that will address the immediate causes of malnutrition, and nutrition sensitive interventions that will address the basic and underlying causes of malnutrition..

SWET is also complimenting the efforts of partners in the nutrition specific segment of IYCF, by increasing the awareness on the benefits of utilizing Micronutrient Powders for children aged 6 to 24 months. The introduction of Micronutrient Powders (MNPs) represents an important public health approach to be integrated into the Infant and Young child Feeding intervention to contribute to the prevention and control of micronutrient deficiencies in young children. MNP sachets contain a blend of vitamins and minerals in powdered form that can be mixed into home-prepared foods, enabling families to improve the quality of complementary foods and being effective in preventing stunting and treating anaemia in young children, most notably those aged 6 to 24 months, a critical period for growth and development.

Overall, the C4D interventions are facilitating for the increased uptake of health, WASH and nutrition behaviors that lead to the prevention of stunting in the long-term. C4D uses research to learn more about each target audience, their motivations and their barriers for desired behaviors and social norms before the development of materials and messaging. It is supporting the prevention of malnutrition as well as the promotion and maintenance of good nutrition. Further, C4D is building awareness and commitment to nutrition improvement as well as enhance individual behaviors and household practices, promoting collective actions in communities, improving the delivery of nutrition counseling services while overall providing an enabling environment for good nutrition outcomes.


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