The Story of Miness Nyirenda of Kachipenye Village, TA Boghoyo in Nkhatabay. During the cultural festival conducted in her area, SWET wanted to see how community members have benefited from the Chifumira Kudzira project interventions.

She challenged during the function that she has all the necessary facilities at her home in as far as promotion of nutrition and sanitation is concerned. She said this is as a result of what she learnt through Chifumira Kudzira interventions which comprised of community mobilization through Theater for Development, football and netball trophies by male champions and cooking demonstrations by care group promoters.

“I appreciate the intervention Story workshop has been doing in our area. You know this is hard to reach and the only way of coming here is through the boat, but you did not that let you down. You established male champions who have promoted participation of men in promoting nutrition and through that I have knowledge of how to set up a tippy tap and my home has all the required hygiene facilities”, said Nyirenda.

On the other hand TA Bhoghoyo recommended story workshop for strengthening Area Nutrition Coordinating Committee (ANCC) and Area Development Committee (ADC) in the area saying through the orientations they conducted they are able to re-inforce by laws which they have set to promote nutrition.

“When you visited us on the first day, I thought you will not come back to us but as time passes, you showed us that you are serious in implementing the activities here and that gave the ADC and ANCC strength to monitor the implementation of the activities. Now I can challenge you, most household in my area have necessary facilities relating to nutrion and WASH as you have seen”, said TA Bhoghoyo.

TA Bhoghoyo in Nkhatabay is only accessed by boat and air but with the male champions SWET trained, drama clubs which were oriented and the mobilization activities SWET conducted in partnership with World Relief, the community has seen drastic improvement in nutrition and WASH.

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