Covid-19 has put parents and learners in a fix in terms of their education. Since the closure of schools some 3 months ago, parents have been struggling to teach their children at home.

While it is hard for some parents to do so, Eunice Kamunga, a mother at Lobi Trading Centre in Dedza says proper planning is helping her to support her children on education. Kamunga says soon after suspension of classes she was approached by the teacher from Lobi-Kainga primary school who encouraged her to develop a plan with her children so that they continue studying despite suspension of classes.

Kamunga says she immediately engaged her standard 6 daughter Sithembile Kamunga on developing the action plan. “I was visited by the head teacher for Lobi-Kainga to continue supporting my children on education. I liked the approach because he indicated that the learners still have books and notes which they were using when they were in school, so we can be making reference to the same when supporting our children on education”, said Kamunga.

Her daughter, Sithembile Kamunga, says continued engagement with her mother on education is sustaining her interest in school despite the closure. Sithembile says engaging with her parents on education is also allowing her to continue studying and follow the action plan they developed so that she does not miss a class. “I felt good when I saw the head teacher visiting us. She told us how we can avoid contracting Covid-19 and continue studying amidst the pandemic. I like it that my parents have taken hint and are trying their best to help me”, said Sithembile.

Commenting on the initiative, Statulo Mwanja, head teacher for Lobi-Kainga said the door to door engagement with learners has helped more learners and parents in their catchment area to follow Covid-19 preventative measures while continuing with studies in their homes. “We were encouraged by Story Workshop to continue engaging with learners both on Covid-19 preventative measures and education. On the part of education, it was like taking the classroom to the parents and learners. Parents were encouraged to pay special attention to learners especially girls so that they remain in school”, said Mwanja.

Story Workshop is implementing the door to door dialogues with parents and learners in partnership with Ministry of Health with funding from UKAID through UNICEF.
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